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Cycling Tours in Eastern Europe by PLATEAU CYCLING


Ride with us across the bike greenways of Bulgaria and Romania

Plateau Cycling is a local Bulgarian bike tour company with 10 years experience of organizing bicycle adventures:

  • from the Danube to the Black Sea;
  • from the Balkan Mountain to the Danube Delta;
  • and now from Bucharest to Istanbul.


Romania & Bulgaria guided bike tours focused on:

  • The Lower Danube and the Danube Delta along EuroVelo 6 and adjacent bike trails to hidden gems;
  • The Black Sea shores from Romania, across Bulgaria to European Turkey: scenic cliffs, bustling summer atmosphere in the historic towns and the coastal forests along the sandy beaches;
  • The hilly Danube plateaus with an ethnic mix of people and agricultural abundance;
  • The Eastern Balkan Mountains – a vast region of rugged terrain, where is easy to meet nature and people untouched by tourism – something rare and precious in contemporary Europe;
  • The UNESCO cultural heritage of ancient Bulgaria, the cradle of the unique Orthodox Cyrillic culture which later spread from the Mediterranean to Central Europe and Russia;
  • Touring period from April to November – see link Guided Cycling Tours 2024 Calendar

Self-guided cycling trips and family bike vacations in Bulgaria especially made for the convenience to explore on your own:

  • Flexibility of starting dates;
  • Bicycle routes on varied terrain for people of all levels, abilities and interests;
  • Bike riding from A to B for a week;
  • Bicycle holiday in a spa hotel having day loops in the area;
  • Immersing into the wild nature and the rural life of Bulgarian countryside gives unbelievable advantages for safe, tranquil and full of adventure cycling;
  • Enjoy the Black Sea coast of cliffs, capes, beaches and caves;
  • Easy to be reached region from all over the world through the airports of Istanbul, Sofia, Bucharest, Varna and Burgas.

Why choose Plateau Cycling?

  • Designing custom cycling itineraries based on tremendous experience;
  • Unique destinations in Eastern Europe not widely available through other companies;
  • Easy, moderate or challenging bike trips on quiet roads and wonderful dirt roads away from the crowded bike routes;
  • Airport transfers from Varna, Sofia, Burgas and Bucharest international airports;
  • Delicious and varied local food with home-made taste;
  • Priority to small groups to be sure for our personal approach;
  • 28 hybrid 24-speed bicycles combined with best comfort and 24-inches kids bikes.

Our land is our strength:

  • cycling tours to 10 Nature parks in the Eastern Balkans;
  • bike routes to 9 UNESCO world heritage sites of Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey;
  • Tasting the wine from the Danube Delta whites to the Thracian Valley reds;
  • Unbelievable human heritage from the world oldest golden treasure left by Varna people 6550 years ago, followed by all the Mediterranean Empires to the flourishing Bulgarian Empire subdued by the Ottomans in 15th Century A.D.;
  • 4 distinctive seasons with sunny spring, dry summer, warm fall, but snowy winter.


We are:

PLATEAU CYCLING enjoys trustworthy cooperation as a local bike tour supplier in Bulgaria and Romania . The company has been found by 4 friends and partners and we have learned to make friends and partners abroad. As an independent local team we strive to provide flexibility and a high level of customer satisfaction. We are extremely responsible for our region, for our community, for the cycling travelers who come with us.

Based on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria and locked between creative Europe and controversial mystical Asia we find inspiration in the global and cultural awareness, the ingrained local religious, ethnic and alphabetic mix and the Communist collapse. Our bike tours provide unique nature and wildlife observations with deep historic, culture and gastronomy immersion.


The bike ROUTES of Bulgaria and Romania:

  • The routes are a great balance of the challenging, the breezy and the interesting;
  • Diverse trips with all kinds of bike surfaces, from asphalt to gravel/dirt roads and greenways;
  • From Day bike trips to 2-week bicycle adventures.

The local Balkan EXPERIENCE:

  • Handling bike groups at varying fitness levels with patience and personal approach;
  • Devoted guides who share unique local knowledge and expertise;
  • Permanent training and constantly positive reviews.


And the tender “ORCHESTRATION”:

  • Small groups, family and private trips;
  • Interesting overnight stops in both rural and tourist areas and a great insight to the traditional Balkan cuisine;
  • Taylor made and guided themed bike tours.



ACTIVITIES, PARTNERS AND EXPOS – that’s how Plateau Cycling shows its contribution to the cycling community in Bulgaria and worldwide. Visiting travel expos and establishing relations with cycling people in USA, Western Europe, Australia, Canada and the Mediterranean helps us to gain popularity and place the Eastern Balkans and the Black Sea on the world bike touring map.



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