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Cycling Tours in Europe - PLATEAU CYCLING

Fascinating bike trips! Guided Cycling Tours and Bicycle Holidays in The Mystical Europe - Bulgaria and Romania

Plateau Cycling is a local Bulgarian bike tour company.

We are focused on guided cycling holidays in Eastern Europe.

  • Our bicycle routes traverse Coastal Romania and Bulgaria – the cradle of the Eastern European culture where the Cyrillic script and literature was born in the 9th century AD;
  • Bulgarian and Romanian countryside give unbelievable advantages for safe, tranquil and full of adventures cycling, so different from the rest of Europe;
  • Enjoy places and people untouched by tourism – something really rare in modern Europe;
  • Touring period from April to November – see link Guided Cycling Tours Calendar;
  • Easy to be reached region from all over the world through the airports of Istanbul, Sofia, Bucharest, Varna and Burgas.

Bicycle routes on varied terrain for people of all levels, abilities and interests:

  • Ride over flat ground on the Black sea coast of Romania and Northern Bulgaria or nearby the Danube Delta;
  • Cycle the hilly landscape of the numerous plateaus stretched between Ruse on the Danube and Varna on the Black Sea;
  • Come to pedal through the low mountainous region of the Balkan Range.

Why choose us?

  • Unique destinations in Eastern Europe not widely available through other companies;
  • Easy, moderate or challenging bike trips on quiet roads and wonderful dirt roads;
  • We make transfers from Varna, Burgas and Bucharest airports and organize your transport from Sofia;
  • As an independent local team we strive to provide a high level of customer satisfaction;
  • We are extremely responsible for our region, for our community, for the cycling travelers who come with us. You feel safe and needful while riding on Plateau Cycling tour.

Excellent value for money:

  • solid quality 24-gear bicycles combined with best comfort;
  • delicious and varied food;
  • clean accommodation;
  • low group size and family friendly tours;
  • great company on the road, combined with relaxed and sociable meals.


Get off the beaten tourist routes of Europe.

  • Surprisingly the Mediterranean world doesn't end in Dalmatia or even Istanbul!
  • Latin and Greek are not the only alphabets of EU and the Danube doesn't stop in Budapest or Belgrade!
  • If you wish to feel happy for your choice, turn to Plateau Cycling tours and discover more of Eastern Europe in Bulgaria and Romania
PLATEAU CYCLING vacations in Eastern Europe uncover the rich heritage of the cultural crossroad situated between Danube and the Balkan Mountain. Each wine tasting program emphasizes on a wide range of local wines which definitely satisfy our guests’ expectations and feature the sentimental spirit of our bike journeys.

You will discover 6 sites of UNESCO World Heritage List, 4 sites of Tentative List of UNESCO World Heritage, the world oldest golden treasure, the cradle of the Cyrillic alphabet and literature, the largest mosque in the European Union and summer royal palaces nested down the coast.

We offer fascinating bike trips on easy-to-ride terrain passing through settlements of strange religious groups such as Alevis and Oldbelievers, ancient winemaking lands, 3 UNESCO biosphere reserves, the Via Pontica flyway of migrating birds and numerous sites of European network of protected areas Natura 2000.

Look for PLATEAU CYCLING Hub & Spokes self-guided cycling tours especially made for your convenience of choosing appropriate starting dates and duration, different attractions, your own program each day and saving money going self guided in the same time.

We recommend hospitable village-based accommodation where you’ll find excellent service and friendly atmosphere.

Our network of cycling hubs is spread in Northern and Eastern Bulgaria so you would easily reach Danube River, Black Sea or Balkan Mountains. Hub & Spokes vacation is that kind of bike tour which gives you the best way to take a closer look of the culture of Eastern Europe and to get familiar with the life of local people for a while.


Our guided bicycle tours are predominantly in the regions of the Lower Danube and the Western Black Sea situated in the northeastern corner of the Balkan Peninsula and divided between the states of BULGARIA and ROMANIA. Our bike trails run throughout the vast plateaus of Dobruja/Dobrogea and Ludogorie/Deliorman and the hilly Eastern Balkan Mountain. Biking with us you will discover unique, beautiful, and welcoming places with warm and friendly people. We wish to introduce you into this little known wonderland of the distant, but nearby EUROPE. An unspoiled country with authentic, multiethnic rural life and scarce cosmopolitan urban centers dating back from antiquity.


gains popularity in Zurich at FESPO Messe 2014 and in London at DESTINATIONS Travel Show 2014.

We cooperate with SWISS TRAILS on their bike tours destinations in the Eastern Balkan Peninsula and were presented at the Romanian stand for the cycling opportunities in South East Romania and Eastern Bulgaria. We are doing our best to reveal Bulgarian and Romanian hidden values to the outdoor cycling world.

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