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Bicycle Tour Company - PLATEAU CYCLING

Plateau Ltd - Cycling tours in Bulgaria and Romania

Company History

The bicycle tour company was found at the beginning of year 2008 by one of the official leaders Deyan Iliev Kateliev being known for his profound knowledge in history and geography. By actively participating in The Bulgarian society for the protection of birds, the leader introduced not only the historical and cultural heritage of Bulgaria but also the bird watching opportunities in our tours.

The three other members joined the team taking part in the later research and exploration of the tour paths and the organization activities required to fulfill your expectations and comfort at all times during the tours.

During the year 2009 and 2010 the present status of the Bulgarian world heritage and the condition of the routes have been physically confirmed with the support of many close friends by cycling.

Happily at the middle of 2010, the Plateau Ltd has been registered and the official web site PLATEAU CYCLING completed. Since then we operate the different bicycle tours with clients, being the first to introduce cycling tours in the whole North Eastern Bulgaria and some parts of Romania


Plateau Cycling Center

In 2010, Lonely Planet placed Bulgaria under 5th place on its top 10 list of travel destinations for 2011. Plateau Cycling Center is placed in the village of Nikolaevka which is a starting point of our tours. The village is in the region of Varna, lying in the center of southern Dobruja Plateau at an altitude of about 300 m. Our bicycle tour company info center is 25 km away from Varna International Airport. Nikolaevka is far away from the busy roads and its surroundings offer excellent dirt roads and greenways leading to distant places. These byways are known as “dobrujanski asphalt” thanks to their relatively hard surface due to the dark boroll soil, low precipitation and windy conditions. As you start cycling some of these dirt roads you are immediately embraced by the wildlife environment. The church Saint Atanas built in 1847 and the lakes in the vicinities are the main attractions of the village. Another interesting fact is that here Peter Deunov is born, who is the spiritual leader and founder of the White Brotherhood Society, an esoteric Christian teaching.


Our Team


Deyan Kateliev

Born in 1976 in the city of Varna, Bulgaria.

Married with two children.

Cycling is my long-lasting fever. My family roots come from south Dobruja plateau and Plateau Cycling Center is placed in my grandparents' house in the village of Nikolaevka.

Since 1993 I'm a member and an activist of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds.

Graduated Sofia University specializing Pedagogy of the Deviant Behaviour. I have studied Ethnology there too and also History in Shumen University.


Now I'm also an owner of a fish restaurant in the center of Sofia called Fish Bar Ribski. 



Svetoslav Todorov

Born in 1976 in Varna.

Age 5- start swimming.

Age 6-16 - swimming, cycling, skiing, fishing and exploring natural resources at the surroundings of Unec village, graduated Technical school of Varna.

Age 16-24 - diving, sailing, skiing, fishing, cycling and exploring natural resources of Eastern Bulgaria, graduated Naval academy - the Maritime university of Bulgaria.

Age 24-33 - traveled the world by ships, upgraded to Master of navigation of ships over 3000GT, cycling, diving and fishing internationally, married with one wonderful daughter.

Age 33-36 - exploring the rest of the Earth regions by Passenger ships. Passionate about cycling and enjoying every opportunity of a cycling adventure



Vladimir Yurukov

Born in 1971 in Sofia (Bulgarian Capital), but grew up (till the age of 7) in Moesia’s town of Pleven. Graduated from Technical University, Sofia (1989-1994) - Dipl. Engineer, Speciality “System and Control”, works as a system analyst in the field of Nuclear Power Plants Safety at ATP-AtomToploProekt ltd. (co-founder and partner), present position is Chief of CAD-CAE Department.

I’ve studied also at Faculty of Philosophy in Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” (1996-2002) and have Master degrees in Clinical and Social Psychology. This kind of human knowledge I partly apply in my civil society and political activities at which I used to involve.



Kiril Djivdjanov

Born in 1971 in Sofia.

Spent summers of childhood with my sister and parents (Conservator-Restorers of cultural heritage) in the wonderful place called Rock-Hewn Churches of Ivanovo.

Graduated - Sofia University, Department of Physics - physicist.

Work - FEA Department.

Hobby - walking, cycling, swimming, mountaineering, skiing.

Support for team STISKALITI for Tyrolean traverse 1550m succesfull attempt for Guinness World Record.


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