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    Dry Valleys Greenways
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Dry Valleys' Greenways - BULGARIA and ROMANIA
6 days

Cycling Experience On Dirt Roads In The Nature Of Bulgaria And Romania.
A half of the bicycle tour is on unpaved roads.
Remarkable Guided Adventure Bike Tour


This is an adventure bike tour which runs predominantly on dirt roads in the wildest areas of South Dobrudja and Danube borderlands of Bulgaria and Romania. Enjoy the cycling trails, which pass by rocky canyons hidden in the plateaus, beautiful lakes with loess cliffs and untamed banks and islands of the Danube. We pedal off the beaten paths to enter the first Christian rock monasteries in Europe, the only place of worship of the ancient god Zalmoxis, medieval and modern-day cave monasteries. The bike trails cover Suha Reka - Natura 2000 Site. The bike tour include a visit to the Roman, Bulgarian and Ottoman landmarks of Silistra, the ancient Durostorum, and yogurt tasting in Alfatar. The real charm of the cycling adventure relies on the good weather so the best season is autumn.


Dry Valleys Greenways Cycling Tour MAP
Cycling Tour: DRY VALLEYS’
TYPE: Guided
LENGTH: 285 km (177 miles)
DURATION: 6 days
NIGHTS: 5 nights + 1 bonus
LOWEST POINT: 44 m (144 feet)
HIGHEST POINT: 372 m (1220 feet)





Day 1 - Bulgaria - Arrival

Arrival in the city of Dobrich. Sightseeing bike tour, including St. George Park trail to the village of Bogdan.

Day 2 - Bulgaria - Cycling Dobrich to Kamentsi

In the morning we head north biking among the vast wheat lands of Dobruja. Following the course of Suha Reka River we’ll observe the forming of a huge canyon. After a great downdrop we bike into the spectacular cliff area decorated with caves, rock hewn churches and galleries. Here we enter the corridors of the oldest monastic Cristian communities in Europe, which was cut in the rocks nearby. Leaving the canyon we climb to the Crimean Tatar village of Onogur famous with its beautiful inscribed water fountains. The quaint village of Kamentsi lies in a neighboring canyon. We'll stay in a traditional style complex of guest houses here.

Day 3 - Bulgaria - Cycling from Kamentsi to Bratila

Cycling down the rocky valley from Kamentsi we pass by picturesque Gypsy settlements to reach the famous guest house in Bezmer for traditional Bulgarian breakfast with banitsa. On the way to Alfatar we stop at the medieval rock monastery ensemble dated back to 12th – 14th century. In the pretty village of Alfatar we have to taste the delicious local yogurt. While we cross the deep woody valley of Kanagiol we reach our cozy lodging embraced by the forest.

Day 4 - Bulgaria to Romania - Cycling from Bratila to Ostraov

Cycle on the dirt road from the nearby village of Vasil Levski we go down in a magnificent canyon, where are the ancient remains of Badjaliyata. This is cut in a high rock Thracian temple from 4th century BC, which once was a home of the orphic God Zalmoxis. Tracing our route through the forest, we'll discover more cave sanctuaries along the fabulous Taban Valley. Our next stop is at the well-preserved Ottoman fortress Medjidi tabia on the hills above the Danube. We cross the border with Romania after a lunch in Silistra and short cycling trip for sightseeing the old town monuments. The village of Ostrov offers excellent accommodation on the Danube riverbank.

Day 5 - Romania - Cycling from Ostrov to Oltina

Our first destination is the Bugeac/Garlitsa Lake nature reserve. The best way to discover the beauties of the lake is to cycle along the southern coast. The impressive Dervent Monastery dominates the cultural landscape around the lake. On the way to Oltina Lake nature reserve we bike on the amazing path through the riverine forest along the Danube. The dirt road around the lake weaves by spectacular loess cliffs and marshlands. The small family-run hotel in Oltina surprises with excellent fish cuisine.

Day 6 - Romania - Cycling from Oltina to Rasova

Today we leave the Danube pedaling uphill from Oltina. We have short rest overlooking the fairy Iortmac Lake where the valley of the waterless Suha Reka River ends. At noon we approach the Monastery cave of St. Andrew, a place of pilgrimage for the Romanians. We visit the cave church and then keep cycling across the hilly landscape. Eventually we come to the marshy Vederoasa Lake and ride along its shore to reach the floodplain forests along the Danube and the colorful houses of Rasova, perched on the bank of the great European river. Here is the end of Dry Valley’s Greenways adventurous cycling tour.

What’s Included


  • Transfer from/to Varna airport to your accommodation at the day before and the day after the tour. Transfers in two directions from/to Burgas airport will cost 35 € per person and from/to Bucharest airport 85 € per person (min 3 persons). One way transfers will cost respectively 20 € and 45 € per person
  • 24-gear lightweight trekking Bike without helmet (Helmets at your disposal by renting - 20 Euro per tour)
  • English/Russian speaking ride leader with local knowledge
  • Map
  • Accommodation during the tours at family run hotels and guest houses, spa and other hotels at the quality of 3 stars including breakfasts
  • Entrance fees
  • Four (4) Picnic lunches
  • Refreshing drinks (non alcoholic) during the cycling time
  • Support vehicle and luggage transfer
  • Permanent technical bike support
  • Medical insurance for Bulgaria
  • Bonus for direct booking on our site after-the-tour accommodation in the itineraries and cost-free transfers to/from Burgas Airport


Price and Dates


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PRICE: 490 € (excl. bike rental)