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1. What kinds of bikes are available?

Hybrid or hardtail bike - built for adventure and comfort. Lightweight aluminum frame with front suspension fork, flat handlebar and Shimano drivetrain. The bikes have triple chain rings - Crankset and 8 or 9-speed Cassette Sprockets. They ride lightweight on road while durable and smooth for off road trails. Weight from 13 to 14.5 kg.


2. When and where can I book extra nights?

Whenever an extra night at the place of arrival or at the final place of the tour is your wish, we will be glad to assist with the necessary arrangements and booking to your satisfaction. Simply advise us during the initial booking. Please specify your requirements for the accommodation, duration of the pre-planned stay and price range.


3. Do I need Travel Insurance?

As part of our tours You will be covered by Medical insurance for Bulgaria, which will provide you with the necessary treatment at the specialized facilities according to Bulgarian legislation

We recommend that you arrange your own travel insurance considering your full requirements prior departure of your origin.

Whenever you want to bring your own bike with you, please take care for it as well prior your departure.


4. How does the luggage transfer works?

We want you to relax during your holiday. This means that you should be free from organising, only thinking of a new wonderful day.

All individual tours are serviced with luggage transfer from/to Varna and Burgas airports to PlateauCyclingCenterand to your accommodation at the day before and the day after the tour.

Your luggage is transported separately on each cycling stage.

Luggage is restricted to two soft-sided duffel style pieces per person. One may be large, and the other must conform to airline carry-on rules, usually used as a day bag. Hard sided suitcases and extra luggage, including bike boxes, must be declared at booking, and will incur extra fees to be determined based on circumstance.


4. What kind of Accommodation is provided?

It is our obligation to provide you with a comfortable atmosphere after a cycling day, offering this special ambience, therefore the accommodation arranged during the tours is at family run hotels and guest houses, spa and other hotels at the quality of 3 stars.

Sometimes especially smaller towns do not offer very sophisticated accommodation, but more often the personal hospitality of the landlords and the special service recompense it all.


5. I am vegetarian, are there any special offers for me?

Individual requests as to meals are considered.

For instance, if you are vegetarian simply let us know your special wish while booking.

Meals will then be individually prepared for you.


6. How about difficulty of the tours?

Our tours are not for the cyclists who only have an eye for the speedometer. We prefer pleasurable, comfortable cycling with an eye for the surroundings and the points of interest. At some smaller ascent or some hill you might decide to push your bike. Please be reassured that an average fitness is absolutely fine for our tours.


7. Cycling at all kinds of weather?

Unfortunately we are not able to guarantee sunshine, but of course we assume that you are lucky with the weather during your tour.

The region’s relatively level terrain and its bare location facilitate the influx of warm air in the spring, the summer and the autumn from west and southeast.

The average temperature for April is between 9°C - 13°C, in July between 21°C - 24°C and in October between 10°C - 14°C.

The annual rainfall does not exceed 650 mm, while in the coastal areas it is 400-450 mm.

The region is known as a windy land. Most of the days there is some kind of wind that usually freshens the air.

So we could say that there are good weather conditions during the cycling period in general.

Anyway, please take some precautions for days with cooler temperatures and the occasional rainy spell.


8. How do I transport my day bag?

We would like to remind You to consider the extent of the belongings which will be with you during cycling. They will be added to your own weight.


9. How does the transportation of own bicycle works?

The fixtures are entailed to fit the bicycles of the tour operator. Transport of customer owned bicycles during the tour as well as during transfers are at owner's risk. Damage of bicycles of different type is possible (especially slight damage of lacquer). No liability can be accepted for any damage during transportation.


10. What happens when having a breakdown?

You can rest assured that help is on hand.

There is a permanent technical support for the bikes provided by the tour leader and the support vehicle's driver.

If You have brought your own bike we will endeavor to find you a suitable replacement for the rest of the tour.


11. Do I need visa?

It depends on the country where are you coming from. For more detailed information please see VISA FOR BULGARIA on The Republic of Bulgaria Ministry of Foreign Affairs Site


12. Can I do a guided tour outside of the dates on your website?

If you are in a group of 4 or more people then we can arrange a private guided tour for you. Get in contact with us and let us know which dates and route interests you. The cost will be the same per person as the scheduled guided tour cost.


13. Do you have any benefits for repeated customers?

We offer a 10% discount on the tour cost for people who have toured with us in the past. It will be good to hear you again and a pleasure to arrange another tour for you.


14. When does my tour start?

There is an active Calendar at our website. The tour will start at the Start Date in Calendar. In case of private guided tour (see point 12) the Start Date is confirmed by e-mail.

We want you to relax during your holiday. This means that you should be free from organising once arrived, only thinking of a new wonderful day.