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Hub & Spokes - Bicycle Tours

Make your bike trip! Self-guided bicycle tours in Bulgaria or Romania with other recreational activities

Plateau Cycling Hub & Spokes cycling system is designed for those who prefer to minimize changes of hotels and/or like the flexibility of being at own itinerary while exploring on a bike adventure.

We will assemble a tailored bicycle tour just for you, whether you are a group of friends with varied interests and abilities, or a couple seeking a romantic getaway. We operate with small groups from 2 up to 6 participants.

The Hub & Spokes cycling system means that each region is divided into several "hubs" and the daily rides you cycle are called "spokes".

The Hub & Spokes cycling system allows you to get familiar with one area before moving on to another.

Suppose you want to cycle close to the Danube river. There are several hubs in this magical region, each with 3-5 detailed spokes. You might choose to visit two, perhaps three hubs on your cycling adventure in Eastern Europe, with stays for 2 and more nights each. Staying longer than a day or two allows you to get a better flavour of the area and to have more time for relaxing and exploring. You will be provided with in-depth maps and route notes for three to five routes per hub.

The advantage is that you can choose which spoke you want to do the morning you wake up. Perhaps you're fatigued or it's raining that day; you are not tied to anyone's schedule but your own. You might choose to stay by the pool on the morning and ride a shortened option in the afternoon-the choice is yours. Because you have a car at your disposal, you have options if you choose not to ride.

One Hub & Spoke bicycle vacation must be at least 5 days. You have 10% discount if you are based in one hub only or your vacation is 8 days or longer. For 6 days stay you will save 5% of the whole price.

You can communicate with us directly for tips and advice to make your trip even more enjoyable.

Plateau Cycling Hub and Spokes is a custom designed tour, giving you full latitude to make your own decisions.


The Hubs give the opportunity to try some other recreational activities which are additionally charged. The main list consists of: Guided cycling; Excursions by car; Fishing/Spear fishing; Diving; Horse riding; Farming; Traditional cooking; Live music bands; Trekking; Boat trips; Golf; Birdwatching; Photography and more... The choice of activities depends on the selected Hub.



TOURING PERIOD: from April to November 2017 year

GORNA BESHOVICA - self guided cycling touring
GORNA BESHOVICA - self guided cycling touring
GORNA BESHOVICA - self guided cycling touring


Gorna Beshovica offers perfect conditions for cycling recreation. The area located in the karstic Vratza Fore-Balkan at the end of the fabulous Iskar Gorge attracts cyclists with low-traffic roads, many canyons, river crossings and scenic overviews. All the villages in this region are renowned for their long-lasting stonemasonry and the hotel we recommend is a beautiful example of that craft. Our host also owns a very good wine cellar in Gorna Beshovitsa and makes sophisticated wine tasting events.


We prepare a dozen of daily "spokes" from here which lead to medieval monasteries, spectacular stone structures, like God’s Bridge, the Rocky Dolls, God’s Eyes Cave, Ritlite and picturesque villages, scattered in the deep Iskar Gorge.




PRICE: 79 € per day



TOURING PERIOD: from April to November 2019 year

POPINA - self guided cycling touring


The fishermen village of Popina is situated on the south bank of the romantic Danube, just on the way of antique Roman road along the Danubian limes. Here you could feel the wilderness of the Lower Danube, away from the big ports, tourist towns and busy roads. We offer you a perfect outpost to explore the unspoiled Danubian nature and the region of Ludogorie, which keeps the peaceful multiethnic picture preserved since Ottoman era. Half a dozen day trips and attractions are ready for you and some long distance spokes too. Cycle along the Danube and delight the famous Bulgarian yogurt, produced in the local diary farms and the specific oriental Danubian cuisine served in the traditional restaurants.


The main highlights are Silistra, Sreburna, Tutrakan, Maluk Preslavetz Lake and Garvan Marshes, but it is worth visiting The Alevi sanctuary in Ruino, Diary Farms in Sitovo and Belitza, Orthodox Dervent Monastery in Romania too


Fishing, Boat trips, Birdwatching are the attractions if you plan spending enough free time.



PRICE: 89 € per day



TOURING PERIOD: from April to October 2019 year

VELIKI PRESLAV - self guided cycling touring


The town of Veliki Preslav lies on the foothills of the Balkan and it is popular with its amazing landscape park, which shelters the ruins of the medieval capital of Bulgaria. Preslav flourished in 10th century as one of the greatest European centers of the Christianity becoming a cradle of the Cyrillic literature. Veliki Preslav is situated in the middle of a highly appreciated winegrowing region and cycling around immediately take you among vineyards and you could not to miss wine tasting stops en route. The low-mountainous area attracts with quite roads, vast woods, several historical monuments, lakes and picturesque villages emphasizing the pastoral scenery.


The main highlights are Veliki Preslav, Shumen, Village of Osmar, Yablanovo Village and the Alevi Festivals, Shumensko Plateau, Ticha Lake and Golyama Kamchia Gorge, but it is worth visiting Zlatarevo Monastery, Patleina Nature Reserve, Targovishte and Kralevo Golden Treasury




PRICE: 84 € per day



TOURING PERIOD: from April to October 2019 year

CHERNI_VRAH - self guided cycling touring


The mountainous village is stretched on the slopes of a spectacular gorge formed by the Golyama Kamchia River. Cherni Vrah is the perfect base for cycling routes to some of the most beautiful places in the Eastern Balkan. On the west is situated the medieval Bulgarian capital Veliki Preslav, the cradle of the Cyrillic literature and Zlatar Monastery. On the east is the Gorge of Luda Kamchia where the Wonderful Rocks and the big Conevo Dam are stretched. On the north and on the south many rock formations raises and beautiful waterfalls and caves are hidden in the forests. In the area around there are a lot of places for rest and traditional restaurants, where you’ll discover the true delicious taste of the rich Bulgarian cuisine.


The main highlights are Veliki Preslav, the Wonderful Rocks and the big Conevo Dam, Golyama Kamchia Gorge, Zlatarevo Monastery, Patleina Nature Reserve




PRICE: 84 € per day



TOURING PERIOD: from May to November 2019 year

BULGAREVO - self guided cycling touring


Located in the most charming part of Dobruja the village of Bulgarevo is an entrance to Kaliakra reserve, which includes vast steppes, coastal cliffs and canyons and even sea aquatory. Northern wild areas spread to the town of Mangalia in Romania and the beautiful towns of Balchik and Kavarna are nested on the fabulous southern coast. This combination appoints the variety of attractions you could enjoy choosing Bulgarevo. Excellent opportunities for diving, horse-riding, birdwatching, golf, fishing, long-distance cycling, yachting. The neighboring town of Kavarna annually hosts a number of influential rock & metal live music events.


The main highlights are Cape Kaliakra and Coastal Steppe Area, Balchik, Yailata, Kamen Bryag , Tyulenovo, Durankulak Lake, Shabla Lighthouse with the Fishermens Village, Dalboka Mussels Farm, but it is worth visiting Town of Kavarna and Cape Chirakman, Tauk Liman ornithological place, Southern Romanian villages of Vama Veche and 2 Mai too.




PRICE: 84 € per day



TOURING PERIOD: from May to November 2019 year

KALIMANTZI - self guided cycling touring
KALIMANTZI - self guided cycling touring
KALIMANTZI - self guided cycling touring


Kalimantzi offers you to explore the nearby area by cycling on wonderful dirt roads. The thick net of such roads, locally known as “dobrujanski asphalt” is specific for this region and entirely covers the Upper Suha Reka valley, surrounding plateau and the sandy area of the natural phenomenon Pobiti Kamani. Here you could touch the Bulgarian rural culture in its live version and even take part in. The ultimate attraction is the adjacent to your accommodation pigeon farm where international pigeon races are held. Kalimantzi is some 20 km away from Varna and the Black Sea coastline. In Varna you could find many cultural, beach and nightlife attractions.


The main highlights are Varna, Pobiti Kamani Rock Formations, Euxinograd, Devnya, St Marina Monastery and Dobruja Pasture Landscape, but it is worth visiting The ruins of medieval Karaach Tekke Monastery and rock-hewn Aladja Monastery, The village of Nikolaevka and its surroundings, Petricha Cliff Area with the fortress, Gypsy communities in the nearby lowlands too.


Horse-riding, One-loft races, Farming, Traditional cooking, Fishing, Sightseeing flight with a plane, Bungee jumping (in Varna) are the attractions if you plan spending enough free time.



PRICE: 79 € per day



TOURING PERIOD: from May to October 2019 year

MEDVEN - self guided cycling touring


The village is placed deep in the woody Eastern Balkan Mountain and keeps the traditional outlook of the 19th century Bulgarian revival architecture. At an altitude of 450 meters Medven is a gateway for many activities in the mountain where amazing waterfalls, hidden abysses and little known caves are scattered in the karstic area of Zlosten, which arises between the meandering Luda and Golyama Kamchia rivers. Most of the neighboring settlements are sightseeing themselves because of the preserved traditions, diverse ethnic and religious composition, architecture and divine nature. This whole mountain region forms a real wonderland separated from the surrounding lowlands and the famous local Gypsy music bands carry the spirit of the romantic atmosphere.


The main highlights are Zheravna and Medven Traditional Balkan Architecture, The Old Town of Kotel and its Gypsy Music Bands, Kotlenska Mountain, Balgarka Peak and The Blue Stones Natural Site, Talim Tash Sanctuary and Rock-cut Tombs, Sub-Balkan Winemaking Valley of Sungurlare, but it is worth visiting Sliven, Karnobat




PRICE: 89 € per day



TOURING PERIOD: from April to November 2019 year

BOZHICHEN - self guided cycling touring


This pretty village is lying just over Rusenski Lom River in a picturesque canyon. The long rocky valley of Rusenski Lom, which is a natural park, gives great opportunities for adventure cycling alternating a number of natural landmarks, historical places and cultural sights, among them the rock-hewn churches of Ivanovo, a masterpiece of medieval orthodox art. On the other hand is the nearby Danube, one of the world’s most popular biking routes. Cycling along the great river brings you to Ruse. Ruse is the most beautiful city on the Lower Danube, the only one granted with the European Heritage Label. It’s worth spending some time wandering in its unique streets. The region of Bozhichen has plenty of quite, even isolated roads, which run away from the busy motorways.






PRICE: 89 € per day



TOURING PERIOD: from April to November 2019 year

MOGILA - self guided cycling touring


A nice and cozy guest house will host those who choose Mogila for their bike vacation. The house is a part of well-maintained family farm, so here you could enjoy the peace and quite of the farm life in bulgaria. If you have enough time you may take part in some of the daily farmers’ duties of course. The pleasant cycling trips from Mogila follow predominantly hilly terrain going from one plateau to another. Admire the great panoramic views, stunning rocks and legendary historic sites, such as the Madara Rider, ruins of Pliska and the fortress of Ovech.


The close vicinities of Mogila offer fabulous trekking paths and the numerous lonely hills are often used for paragliding, unfortunately not so popular in Bulgaria.




PRICE: 84 € per day



TOURING PERIOD: from May to November 2019 year

BYALA - self guided cycling touring
BYALA - self guided cycling touring


The coastal settlement of Byala carries the traditions of the former Greek fishing village of Aspro. Byala is placed between two capes where the Balkan Mountain Range ends in the Black Sea. The surrounding hilly region is famous with its vineyards, white cliffs and beaches. You’ll find many bike paths in this spectacular landscape or make cycling daytrips to nearby sightseeing like Kamchia Biosphere Reserve or Irakli Protected Area and Emine Cape.


The real charm of the hub is hidden in the villages of Yunec, Emona and Gorica , where you’ll have a warm welcome in our friends’ houses for lunch, coffee break or a glass of home-made wine.



PRICE: 89 € per day



If you are interested in our Hub & Spokes bicycle tours please check what do they include here.