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    Old Grain Roads
    Cycling Tour

Old Grain Roads
4 days

Guided Bicycle Tour Visiting Pobiti Kamani And Orthodox Monastery St. Marina. Along The Bay Of Balchik - Summer Palace And Botanical Garden.


Old Grain Roads bicycle tour tries to reveal you the fertile land and the rich farmer culture of South Dobruja what used to be a century ago. We will take you to places where such kind of living is still alive and show you the previous main trade roads almost forgotten after the industrialization. Finely we will spend more time in port town of Balchik, once a center of the grain trade and now offering a unique collection of landmarks.


Old Grain Roads Cycling Tour MAP
Cycling Tour: OLD GRAIN
TYPE: Guided
LENGTH: 154 km (96 miles)
DURATION: 4 days
NIGHTS: 3 nights + 1 bonus
LOWEST POINT: 2 m (7 feet)
HIGHEST POINT: 364 m (1194 feet)




Day 1 Arrival

Arrival and transfer to the hotel. We have tour details and safety instructions meeting. Take a short walking or cycling round trip.

Day 2 Cycling from Nikolaevka to Chernevo (distance 57 km; elevation +260m/-410m)

The tour starts from the village of Nikolaevka (known as Hadarca during the Ottoman period). In the morning we cycle among the cornfields on the plateau until we reach its ridge at the village of Kalimantsi (previously Gevlekler). Here enjoy the scenic view towards the plain of Varna and see the spectacular ethno complex Kalimanski Han with the famous pigeon farm where international pigeon competitions are held. Then follow the long descent and stop to see the fabulous phenomenon Pobiti Kamani (also known as Dikili Tash), scattered groups of desert-like areas with rock formations consisting of stone columns between 5 and 7 meters high. Pobiti Kamani is a site of the UNESCO Tentative List. The downhill continues to the small town of Beloslav (previously Gebeje) where we take the ferryboat to cross the Varna lake. Pedal westwards along the Beloslav lake finally reaching the town of Devnya (ancient Marcianopolis). Once Devnya was renowned for its numerous watermills and karstic springs. It was a gathering point of the grain roads between the Eastern Balkan, Southern Dobruja and Deliorman. The places that is worth to be visited here are the museum of the roman mosaics of Marcianopolis, the last survived spring Havuza and the inn, situated in an old mill. Again on the bikes we cycle on excellent greenways finally arriving in the ethno complex Barite nearby the village of Chernevo (old name Karaisen).

Day 3 Cycling from Chernevo to Prilep (distance 51 km; elevation +470m/-450m)

Today we take again the road which connects the heart of Dobruja with the mills of Devnya once used by the farmers. We pass by the town of Suvorovo (Ottoman Kozluja) known as a battlefield during the several Russo-Turkish Wars in the 18th and 19th centuries. Here on 9.06.1774 Russian generalissimo A.V. Suvorov, famous as one of the few great generals in history who never lost a battle, took one of his important victories against the Turks. The mosque in Kozluja is build in the second half of 16th century and was planned by the leading Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan. Pedal uphill to get on the Dobruja Plateau and then cycle on very good dirt roads among the mild cornfields and scarce forests. Near the village of Botevo (previously Yushenlii) is the orthodox monastery St. Marina. The harvest festival of South Dobruja is held annually on the Day of St. Marina, 17.07. In the last stage of the day we bike downhill towards the valley of the Batova River through the wide woody area. We spend the night in the village of Prilep (once known as Chukurovo).

Day 4 Cycling from Prilep to Balchik (distance 46 km; elevation +240m/-400m)

The last day begins with a riding up and down the hilly terrain of the Batova River valley. Take a look at the Ak Yazala Baba tekke, a tomb of a medieval Sufi preacher in the village of Obrochishte (former Tekke). Cycle the open, flat countryside until arriving at Varna Winery for tasting of the delicious local brands. After that ride across the Baltata riverine forest and the neighboring Albena seaside resort. Catch the picturesque coastal road along the bay of Balchik. Our final stop is the city of Balchik which used to be the key seaport of the grain trade of the region. The city is ancestor of the antique Dionysopolis and major tourist attraction of Dobruja. Be careful not to miss the exclusively rare temple of Kybele with a lot of marble statues. The town still keeps the Mediterranean spirit with its architecture of white Balchik limestone, renowned in Ottoman times. See the summer palace of Queen Mary of Romania and the Botanical Garden which is a real jewel in southeastern Europe.

What’s Included


  • Transfer from/to Varna airport to your accommodation at the day before and the day after the tour. Transfers in two directions from/to Burgas airport will cost 35 € per person and from/to Bucharest airport 85 € per person (min 3 persons). One way transfers will cost respectively 20 € and 45 € per person
  • 24-gear lightweight trekking Bike without helmet (Helmets at your disposal by renting - 20 Euro per tour)
  • English/Russian speaking ride leader with local knowledge
  • Map
  • Accommodation during the tours at family run hotels and guest houses, spa and other hotels at the quality of 3 stars including breakfasts
  • Entrance fees
  • Two (2) Picnic lunches and One (1) Wine tasting program at local winery
  • Refreshing drinks (non alcoholic) during the cycling time
  • Support vehicle and luggage transfer
  • Permanent technical bike support
  • Medical insurance for Bulgaria
  • Bonus for direct booking on our site after-the-tour accommodation in the itineraries and cost-free transfers to/from Burgas Airport

Price and Dates


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PRICE: 440 €