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Plateau Cycling is targeted at ecologically-friendly bike tours in Bulgaria and Romania

Plateau Cycling’s mission is to participate in creating bicycle-friendly policies, exploring routes and rural areas, connecting people and, finding and preserving the intangible heritage of the local communities. By providing bike touring opportunities in Bulgaria and Romania we involve our friends, clients and collaborators to be part of the exploration of distinctive cultural, culinary and wildlife treasury.


With great respect to our partners we are looking forward to spread the word of the exciting possibilities for cycling in the Black Sea region and the lower Danube bike path. Plateau Cycling strives to be the bike tour operator, which continuously provide a consistent excellent service to its clients and welcomes them back in Bulgaria and Romania as friends. Plateau Cycling relies on the well-established cooperation with Bike Tours Direct in US, Swiss Trails and Rad & Reisen in Western Europe, Salento Bici and Orient Plus in the Mediterranean, Cycle Tours Global in Australia, Bate Saua in Romania, Albena Tour (partners of Thomas Cook Scandinavia in Bulgaria) and Travel Partner (Bulgarian representatives of TUI) in Bulgaria.


We are deeply tied with the cycling communities in Sofia and Varna. We personally participate in the local cycling clubs and support their events. Through our community engagement we upgrade every detail of our cycling programs and develop positive professional attitude.


PLATEAU CYCLING is targeted at ecologically-friendly tourism, careful about environment and nature conservation.We always get intimate knowledge of our vast region by first-hand research, which make us fluent in the isolated rural areas far away from the motorways, tourist jam and the big cities.


PLATEAU CYCLING relies mainly on the local business, family-run companies and traditional facilities for cooperation. We enhance Plateau Cycling services and our personal abilities, by actively sharing experience, exchanging bike tour achievements and good practices with our ground partners.


We maintain our bicycles in local bike service workshop “Veloatelie” owned by Emil Iovev. Our bike fleet is composed by the Bulgarian DRAG trekking bicycles. Drag is the best local bicycle brand, which is known in other European countries as Bulgaria is one of the leading bike producers in European Union.


PLATEAU CYCLING works for sustainable development of responsible tourism and represents the entrepreneurial community and active civil society on the Balkans.



Till now we attended several travel shows and expos in Europe: London and Zurich in 2014 and Bucharest in 2015. Plateau Cycling works together with the city of Varna (European Youth Capital 2017) as a preferred consultant in developing the cycling tourism in Eastern Bulgaria. Our info materials have been used by Varna’s tourist authorities to show the regional bike tour services on the European tourist exhibitions, where Varna is presented with own stand, like Berlin, Belgrade, Bucharest, London and Munich in 2015. Plateau Cycling succeeds in placing Bulgarian Black Sea coast as a new undiscovered cycling destination of Southeastern Europe and the Mediterranean.


As a result of our activity and cooperation Plateau Cycling announces 2 major reconnaissance trips (in 2017, when the city of Varna will be European Youth Capital. We invite people, involved as cycling tour retailers or bike tour operators throughout the world, to take part in two Plateau Cycling’s 5-day recce tours in Bulgaria’s Black Sea region. The participants have to pay only the flights to Bulgaria, their accommodation with great discounts, and food expenses. Plateau Cycling will cover all additional services concerning the recce tours: organizing, guiding, bike rental, van support, technical maintenance, insurance for Bulgaria, daily amount of spring water, energy bars and fruits.