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Terms and Conditions

The terms “PLATEAU CYCLING”, “We” and “Our” refer to “PLATEAU” Ltd, a Sofia/Bulgaria/ based corporation, registered under No.20100827153048 / 27.08.2010 in Commercial registry in Registry Agency of Bulgaria, which offers and operates all the Tours listed herein.

All Tours offered are subject to PLATEAU CYCLING’s standard Terms and Conditions, which are found on our website here (for the tours with more than one day duration) and by request.

Please review the Terms and Conditions carefully prior to completing your reservation, some of these terms and conditions are set out below to draw your attention to the fact that our obligations to You are limited.


Prices, Reservations and Payment


Our prices are given in € (Euros) (currency converter/calculator xe).


All prices are per person and are based on double occupancy. We charge a single supplement to individual travellers, who wish to ensure that they have private rooms throughout a Tour, but only if and where it is possible to be arranged. Such requirements shall be advised while booking.



Reservations can be made by mail or e-mail, with a cheque or money order by mail and by bank transfer.



The payments terms are as follows:

The first one is an affiliation fee i.e. to reserve your Tour, we require a deposit of 250 € per person at least 3 months/90 days prior to Tour’s start day/date.

The second term, which is balance up to 50% of Tour’s price, is due 1 month/30 days prior to start day/date (p.s.d.)

The third and final term is balance of Tour’s price, which can be paid directly at arriving.

If reserving your tour within the last month prior to start day (but not later then 8 days p.s.d.) i.e. Last minute reservation, a full payment is required.


All this is summarized further below in Table Payment Terms:




Fee, €


250, deposit


balance up to 50% of Tour price


balance of Tour price


100% of Tour price, in case of Last minute reservation


Changes and Cancellations

If, after reserving your PLATEAU CYCLING Tour, you want to switch to another Tour in the same calendar year, you must provide at least 30 days notice, and pay a change fee of 100 € per person. All other changes will be treated as cancellations.

Cancellations must be received in writing, via mail or e-mail.


If you must cancel your reservation, the fees for doing so are as follows:




Fee, €


Full refund in cash of 250 € deposit, or bank transfer of 80% of it


Refund of 125 €, or 250 € Future Tour Credit


Only the balance up to 50% (i.e. second part/term fee) is refund (100% in cash, or 80% via bank transfer), the deposit fee is forfeited


50% of the Tour price (the other 50% of the Tour price is forfeited) 


Should you cancel your reservation more than 30 days prior to star date, the entire 250 € per person deposit is transferable as a Future Tour Credit, which can be used by the same traveller within 24 months of the original Tour cancellation date. This credit cannot be extended beyond 24 months but may be transferred to another tour only once.


Cancellation and Changes by PLATEAU CYCLING

Should by a reason, including but not limited to natural disaster or phenomena, strike and the like, the quality of the tour or the safety of the participants is jeopardized, there are too few participants arranged their tour, or by any reason at our sole discretion PLATEAU CYCLING reserves the right to cancel any Tour, considering that, by excluding the force majored circumstances and strike events, this cancellation shall not be later than 8 days posed.

In case of cancellation you will be informed as soon as possible and the refund of payments received by PLATEAU CYCLING shall constitute full and final settlement, excluding the correspondents banks’s taxes.

In the event of cancellation PLATEAU CYCLING is not responsible for any loss incurred on account of non-refundable or non-transferable air tickets or other unrecoverable travel costs.

We reserve the right to change itineraries without notice.

We reserve the right to deny participation or dismiss anyone endangering or disrupting the enjoyment of any other Tour participants, based on our judgment.



We require that travellers be at least 16 years of age at the time of commencing the tour.

Exception for children at age of 12 years and above is granted for Family and Short-brake Tours in the company of a legal guardian.


Preparing for Your Tour

Our Tours entail risks and rewards beyond those encountered at home, therefore we hold the participants responsible for their personal health being up to the demands of the journeys.

We insist that you fully consider our pre-tour materials about clothing, training and medical requirements and to note that in Bulgaria & Romania local living standards, practices, services and accommodations may differ from those in your country.


Please keep in mind that the participants are also held responsible for the compliance with the local traffic regulations.


Travel Documents and Passports

The visa and passport requirements of Bulgaria & Romania vary according to the nationality of each traveller and may change at any time for reasons beyond our control. Although we persist in providing you with accurate information about these requirements (see link VISA FOR BULGARIA on The Republic of Bulgaria Ministry of Foreign Affairs Site) it remains the responsibility of each traveller to verify that he or she has the appropriate travel documents for his or her nationality. PLATEAU CYCLING is not liable for any expenses or costs arising from any traveller being prohibited from entering a country scheduled to be visited on a Tour.


External Travel Services

PLATEAU CYCLING may recommend the services of external travel companies or other support services in response to requests made by travellers for services outside of the scope of a PLATEAU CYCLING Tour. Although that we will do our best to recommend only companies that provide high levels of service, we do not guarantee the services provided by third parties.

PLATEAU CYCLING is not liable for any injury, expenses or costs arising from any services, or lack thereof, provided by any third party, nor the standards of care which travellers experience when using those services.



By sending the deposit towards your Tour purchase and completing our web site booking form, you certify that, you do not have any physical condition or disability that would create a hazard for you or other travellers and that you have received all appropriate or necessary vaccinations indicated for your proposed Tour. Please consult your doctor.



Before commencement of a Tour, we strongly recommend that you review your personal and health insurance, being appropriate to cover your needs and the needs of your family and dependants in case of any loss of property or illness, injury or death.


Luggage restrictions

Luggage is restricted to two soft-sided duffel style pieces per person. One may be large, and the other must conform to airline carry-on rules, usually used as a day bag. Hard sided suitcases and extra luggage, including bike boxes, must be declared at booking, and will incur extra fees to be determined based on circumstance.


Prices for the tours

Here are the fixed prices (for the tours with more than one day duration and group from 4 up to 12 participants) for your reference:






Price in Euros


Grasslands of Dionysus - Black Sea

9 days


999 €


Danube and the Mystic Trails

11 days


1100 €


Via Pontica and the Balkan - PREMIUM

10 days


1160 € (for 9 days premium tour)


Lower Danube Heritage and Wine

7 days


760 €


Crusade of Varna - Jagiellonian March

7 days

Easy or Adventurous

720 €


Black Sea BIKE & CAMP - Dry Valleys' Greenways

6 days


490 € (excl. bike rental)


Old Grain Roads

4 days


440 €


Danube Delta from Bulgaria to Romania

9 days


1180 €(for 15 June)


Adventurous Danube - Black Sea

7 days


740 €


Daily Bike Tours

up to 1 day

All levels

see Daily Bike Tours


For very small groups - from 1 up to 3 participants there is some change in price.

Individual tour price (1 person) = 150% regular price.

Couple tour (2 persons) = 120% regular price.

Three persons = 110% regular price.